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Precision Parts for Aerospace and Defense Companies Located Nationwide

precision partsIntrex Aerospace is an experienced precision parts manufacturer serving companies in the aerospace and defense industries. We have both ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100 certifications and are ITAR registered to produce USML-controlled military aircraft parts and defense components. Our CNC machining equipment can create precision turned parts with dimensions up to 10”x 40” and precision milled components with dimensions up to 25” x 25” x 25”. Thin-walled machining is one of our core areas of expertise. We also have several specialized manufacturing cells, including a rapid reaction production cell for time critical orders, a flange cell for producing a variety of flanged components with diameters from less than 1” up to 8” and a prototyping cell with additional manual machining equipment.

In addition to precision parts machining, Intrex has experience providing parts for program management services. We can simplify your supply chain by offering engineering support, managing special processes, kitting components and offering partial and full assembly services. The efficiencies that we gain through this management can save both time and money for your parts program. We also utilize an Epicor Vantage ERP/MRP software system for production forecasting and demand management. This allows us to maintain an on-time delivery rate between 95 and 100 percent and work in accordance with JIT, kanban and dock-to-stock principles.

For more information on our precision parts manufacturing services, our parts program management capabilities or to request a quote, contact Intrex Aerospace today.

Product Examples

* Aerospace Couplers
* Aircraft Seat Frames
* Aircraft Tray Tables
* Guidance Fins
* Fuser Rollers
* Clamshells
* Flanges
* Retainer Rings
* Missile Components

Process Capabilities

* Multi Axis CNC Turning
* Multi Axis CNC Milling
* ISO 9001/AS 9100 Certified
* Material Certification/Lot Traceability
* Assembly

Program Capabilities

Our Multi Site Epicor Vantage ERP/MRP system and experienced staff allow us to manage our customers’ requirements from forecast through delivery.

* Lean Focused
* Cost Reduction Initiative
* Responsiveness to forecasting
* Engineering Coordination
* Pull Kanban
* Balance Sheet Management
* ITAR Compliant



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