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Precision CNC Machining for Aerospace and Defense Manufacturers Worldwide

precision CNCIntrex Aerospace specializes in producing precision CNC components that meet the complex needs of aerospace and defense companies as well as the most rigorous industry standards. We are able to provide machined parts to these industries in complex shapes with rigid tolerances, and a high level of supporting documentation. Our facility is equipped with several CNC turning lathes with multiple spindles and multi axis capabilities, and CNC milling centers - vertical / horizontal, that feature high speed spindles and are fourth axis capable.

With our line-up of precision CNC equipment and in-house engineering, we produce machined aerospace parts in a wide range of sizes, and complex shapes. Our machine specifications include:

  • 10” x 40” with CNC mill/turn lathes (5 axis)
  • 24” x 24” x 24” with CNC horizontal machine centers (4 axis)
  • 25” x 50” with CNC vertical machine centers (4 axis)

Our envelope of milled and turned components includes a variety of sizes and shapes including aerospace products such as flanges, couplings, sleeves, nuts, bushings, and  housings. We machine parts from solids, castings and forgings in a variety of aerospace materials: TZM, Inconel, aluminum, cold roll steel, stainless steel, titanium, Monel, and Hastelloy. Many of our machined parts require anodizing, heat treating, coatings, lubricants, some assembly, or additional services. Our Epicor Vantage software makes integration of these types of processing manageable and efficient. In addition to our wide range of capabilities, Intrex has a stable team of knowledgeable machinists with more than 30 years of experience in precision aerospace CNC machining. We also have a notable track record in project management. Our Program Management team can manage the rigorous demands of fluid aerospace production scheduling and tight delivery requirements. Our demand planning experience and success in managing high mix/low volume aerospace components, coupled with our ISO 9001 and AS9100B certification, offers a comprehensive, reliable program solution.

To request a quote or to learn more about our precision CNC turning and milling capabilities, contact Intrex today.

Product Examples

* Aerospace Couplers
* Aircraft Seat Frames
* Aircraft Tray Tables
* Guidance Fins
* Fuser Rollers
* Clamshells
* Flanges
* Retainer Rings
* Missile Components

Process Capabilities

* Multi Axis CNC Turning
* Multi Axis CNC Milling
* ISO 9001/AS 9100 Certified
* Material Certification/Lot Traceability
* Assembly

Program Capabilities

Our Multi Site Epicor Vantage ERP/MRP system and experienced staff allow us to manage our customers’ requirements from forecast through delivery.

* Lean Focused
* Cost Reduction Initiative
* Responsiveness to forecasting
* Engineering Coordination
* Pull Kanban
* Balance Sheet Management
* ITAR Compliant



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