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The Challenge of Creating Durable Components in Aerospace Manufacturing

aerospace manufacturerCompanies involved in aerospace manufacturing are often tasked with producing parts that must withstand punishing environments and forces. A reliable aerospace manufacturer needs to be able to understand the many challenges that creating these pieces presents. These companies should also have the tools and knowledge needed to consistently overcome these challenges.

Equipment is a major factor in determining an organization’s ability to consistently maintain the tight tolerances required in aerospace manufacturing programs. Precision machining requires a stable work piece and proper tooling to prevent potentially damaging production flaw. This often requires multi-axis machining and CNC technology, which can optimize chip formation in a material more quickly and precisely than manual machines. Experience with this type of equipment can allow an aerospace manufacturer to reliably produce complex components, such as thin-walled products.

Swiss CNC machines are particularly useful for aerospace manufacturing in this regard, as cutting is done close to a stabilizing guide bushing. In addition to producing machined components more precisely, Swiss CNC machines allow for faster production. Their design allows new stock to be fed in automatically after a piece is complete. They also hold and use multiple tools, significantly reducing delays from tooling setup and performing multiple operations seamlessly. All of this allows aerospace manufacturing companies to quickly machine high-quality, precision components with great reliability.

In addition to having the right equipment, reliable aerospace manufacturing companies should understand the material properties of items they work in. Many aerospace components are made from traditional metals like aluminum, but titanium and exotic alloys that can withstand extreme conditions, like Iconel and Hastelloy, are also common. These materials respond far differently to machining, and creating quality parts within the strict tolerances of aerospace parts programs. Experienced aerospace manufacturing companies capable of producing parts should be familiar with these types of materials and be able to accommodate components made from them in their production schedule.

At Intrex Aerospace, we have manufactured high-quality, precision components for the aerospace and defense industries for more than 30 years. Our facility holds a wide range of precision CNC equipment, and our skilled staff of machinists and quality control professionals can utilize it to support your parts programs. For more information on our capabilities or a quote on your next aerospace manufacturing project, contact us today.

Product Examples

* Aerospace Couplers
* Aircraft Seat Frames
* Aircraft Tray Tables
* Guidance Fins
* Fuser Rollers
* Clamshells
* Flanges
* Retainer Rings
* Missile Components

Process Capabilities

* Multi Axis CNC Turning
* Multi Axis CNC Milling
* ISO 9001/AS 9100 Certified
* Material Certification/Lot Traceability
* Assembly

Program Capabilities

Our Multi Site Epicor Vantage ERP/MRP system and experienced staff allow us to manage our customers’ requirements from forecast through delivery.

* Lean Focused
* Cost Reduction Initiative
* Responsiveness to forecasting
* Engineering Coordination
* Pull Kanban
* Balance Sheet Management
* ITAR Compliant



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