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CNC Swiss Machining Further Enhances Intrex Aerospace’s Overall Capabilities

cnc swiss machiningCNC Swiss machining capability improves the overall ability to produce the many different machined components that are required to meet the vast, diverse, and growing demands of the aerospace market. These machined components’ size requirements vary from small to extremely large and their shapes range from simple to complex. As part of our ongoing commitment to provide higher levels of vertical integration to our customers, Intrex Aerospace has expanded our services to include CNC Swiss machining.

There were numerous factors that prompted us to make an investment in several new CNC Swiss machines. Many of the aerospace manufacturers we serve are implementing vendor reduction initiatives, and want their existing vendors to demonstrate expanding capabilities. Intrex, working closely with our customers, identified that some of these new projects required complex CNC turn/mill shapes and tight tolerances, but the diameters ranging from .080”-1.25”, were not well suited for our fixed headstock machines. They were ideal candidates for CNC Swiss machining.

In response to our customers’ requirements, Intrex has purchased several CNC Swiss machines. They are Citizen model M432 and Citizen A 20 machines, with 7- to 9-axis capabilities for complex turning and milling. We also purchased extra tool blocks to expand our tool capacity. This additional tooling helps with setup reduction, a driving factor in low volume production. We can now effectively produce parts ranging from .050” – 1.25” diameter. The design of the CNC Swiss sliding headstock with guide bushing is ideally suited for smaller diameter parts that have a high ratio of length to diameter. All of our machines have a Main and Sub spindle with a magazine barfeed system. This eliminates much of the operator intervention and is ideal for unmanned operation. The combination of additional tool capacity and complex turn/mill to tight tolerances provide by CNC Swiss machining increases our ability to effectively manage the High Mix/Low Volume production, which is common in aerospace manufacturing.

Intrex has many years of previous experience with CNC Swiss screw machines. Our familiarity with sliding headstock/guide-bushing principles made our reintroduction into CNC Swiss machining seamless. We have been able to incorporate it into our Epicor Vantage ERP/MRP system. To learn more about our aerospace manufacturing services, and how we can reduce costs, shorten lead times and cut production times for your parts program, contact us today. We are ITAR-registered, ISO 9001 - and AS9100C-certified.

Product Examples

* Aerospace Couplers
* Aircraft Seat Frames
* Aircraft Tray Tables
* Guidance Fins
* Fuser Rollers
* Clamshells
* Flanges
* Retainer Rings
* Missile Components

Process Capabilities

* Multi Axis CNC Turning
* Multi Axis CNC Milling
* ISO 9001/AS 9100 Certified
* Material Certification/Lot Traceability
* Assembly

Program Capabilities

Our Multi Site Epicor Vantage ERP/MRP system and experienced staff allow us to manage our customers’ requirements from forecast through delivery.

* Lean Focused
* Cost Reduction Initiative
* Responsiveness to forecasting
* Engineering Coordination
* Pull Kanban
* Balance Sheet Management
* ITAR Compliant



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